Yallah! – You All Are Hackers


CALL FOR APPLICATION: Research Exchange/Hackathon YALLAH! – You All Are Hackers 

YALLAH! – You All Are Hackers is an academic research hackathon, organized by the University of Siegen (Germany) and Birzeit University (West Bank, Palestine), funded by the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) as part of the program “Higher Academic Dialogue with the Islamic World”.

YALLAH!’s motivation is to enable multi-national, intercultural collaboration on social innovation. You will assess social issues with a grounded approach, explore the field with creative, innovative and ethnographic methods. You will work in a small team on a project of your choice, hence applying methodology and working closely with partners in each area.

In the course of this exchange, ten students of each university will have the chance to participate in two four-week exchange periods.

The first phase of the exchange (German students visiting Palestine) will take place in spring 2018 sometime around March-May. The second phase (Palestinian students visiting Germany) will take place in summer 2018 sometime around July-September. We cannot determine the exact time right now, since we do not know when semesters start and end exactly – it will be announced soon. 


Who can apply? 

YALLAH! is open for all courses of study. Bachelor/Master/PhD students are welcome to apply. Participants from previous years of YALLAH! are welcome to apply again.

How to apply 

Please visit: https://www.yallah.exchange

What you will get 

  • A great time while working on cool projects with awesome people
  • Funding for your living, travel expenses and your projects
  • The opportunity to publish research papers and to get academic credit
  • The opportunity to find new international partners
  • A participation certificate and internship certificate

Information Event 

There will be an information event at University of Siegen mid/end of October 2017. Time and Place will be announced. In the meantime, you are welcome to contact us if you have any questions.

Application Deadlines 

There will be three rounds of application. Please note, that your chances are better if you submit early and that these are hard deadlines. Since we only have 10 slots, it’s possible that they are already filled after the first round.

  • Round #1 deadline until November 15th 2017, 23.59 pm CET.
  • Round #2 deadline until November 30th 2017, 23.59 pm CET.
  • Round #3 deadline until December 10th 2017, 23.59 pm CET.


YALLAH! is administered by Prof. Dr. Volker Wulf (Information Systems and New Media), University of Siegen and Prof. Dr. Iyad Tumar (Dpt. of Electrical and Computer Engineering), Birzeit University.



Marios Mouratidis
marios [dot] mouratidis [at] uni-siegen [dot] de

Sarah Rüller
sarah [dot] rueller [at] uni-siegen [dot] de