You are already a student of HCI and have questions? Maybe you can find an answer here.

You can find an example schedule and course descriptions here. The best way to plan your course selection is to follow the study overview.

To register for courses in Unisono, we recommend using the Lectures -> Show university course catalog menu.

If you have any specific questions regarding your course selection, your academic advisor is there to help.

You can register for exams via Unisono. Simply go to My Studies -> Planner of studies with module plan and find the red ribbons which represent the exams

Remember that you need to register for any course for which you would like to be graded, even projects that do not have a written exam. The only exceptions are the Master thesis and internship.

Keep in mind that you can register for and withdraw from exams up to one week prior to the exam. After the registration, always take a screenshot or download the PDF under My Studies -> Assigments and registrations. This way, if something goes wrong and your registration is not processed, you can prove that you have registered.

If you get ill, you need to get a sick leave from a doctor and submit it to the examination office within 3 days after the exam. In any other case, if you register for an exam but do not show up or submit your assignment, your exam will be marked as failed!

Find more information on the examination office website.

On our team website, current job and project offers are usually posted. We also regularly post offers over our mailing list or in the Telegram group.

If you cannot find a suitable position or topic for yourself, you can get an overview of all ongoing projects here. Just contact the responsible person for a project that you are interested in, present your idea and ask them if they happen to have any vacancies or if they would like to supervise your thesis. Generally we are open to new initiatives.

You can complete your internship in a company or research institute either in Germany or abroad. It has to be outside the university, so a student assistant job doesn’t count!

We do not offer internship placements – you have to find one by yourself. Previous companies that accepted English-speaking interns were e.g. Telekom, DHL, Bosch, IBM, and Continental.
The German UPA also has a good overview of job offers on their website.

Before you start your internship, please send an email to your academic advisor including the company name, the time frame of your internship and your estimated tasks. The internship needs to have a connection to the HCI course and last at least six weeks (= 240 hours in total). The internship can also be completed part-time.

After the internship, send the employer’s certificate/confirmation and an internship report to your academic advisor. You can find all details on how to write the report etc. here.
We do not have a template – as long as all necessary information is included and formal as well as integrity regulations are observed, you are fine!

Generally yes, provided it fulfils the internship criteria and has not been accredited for your previous studies. It has to be outside the university, so a student assistant job in Siegen doesn’t count! The procedure is the same as above.

First of all, you need to find a first and second examiner to grade your thesis. It has to be a professor from our department.

The thesis is not registered via Unisono, but with a separate form. Please find the form for registering your thesis here. You will need to forward this to your first examiner for signature, then forward it to the examination office.

After your registration has been successful, you will receive a letter stating your topic and submission deadline. You have 6 months to submit your Master thesis after registration.

The colloquium is a mandatory, ungraded presentation of your Master thesis which usually takes place 6 weeks after registration. It is recommended to present at a stage where you have made enough progress to talk about, but you can still incorporate constructive criticism.
All students and reseachers from HCI and Business Informatics are invited to attend your colloquium so you can get feedback from many different perspectives.

Once you are ready to present, simply agree on a date with your supervisor. Then send it along with your thesis title and abstract to your academic advisor via email. They will take care of the venue and invite the audience.

The University of Siegen has a number of partner universities around the world. In the past, HCI students have spent a term abroad in Tallinn (Estonia), Skövde (Sweden), Tokyo (Japan), Beijing (China) and Tulsa (USA) among other places. If you are interested, you can find all partner universities here:

Contact the ISA for more information: