The Chairs most closely connected to HCI are exceptionally successful when it comes to the acquisition of research projects. Accordingly, we require an unusually high number of student assistants who are expected to take on a high degree of responsibility while working independently in the course of our projects.

Current Research Projects

A detailed description of all current research projects can be found here and here.
Current job opportunities and final theses linked to our projects you’ll find here.


Currently there aren’t any Job offers posted here but often there are some anyway circulating though our hallways. So if you are interested in working with us in one of our projects please feel free to ask our Doctors or Ph.D. students. Your action is highly welcome.

Lectures, Readings, Workshops

You are interested in a certain topic or favor a specific expert?
Bring it on and try to make your wish come true.

Collect some information about topic and/or person and ask your Academic Advisor for support.
Together with our lecturers we are more than willing to help to create a cooperation and bring that expert to our University.
But: You are in demand!

Organization and hosting as well as communication and mentoring of the guest on-site is up to you and should be coordinated and performed by somebody who is willing to take that responsibility.
We’ll support you in building up the cooperation as well as helping out with answering questions of financing, accommodation, and so on.

This approach will not only broaden the perspective on our daily life at University but enable you to follow your interests, stand up for yourself and to foster your capabilities and soft skills.

The one of you who isn’t afraid of the effort is able to achieve more than usual!

Experience abroad

Nowadays language and intercultural skills are more than nice to know. Therefore we recommend you to take your time for experiences which won’t come along anymore after graduation.

We do have good research and study contact worldwide. Some are full cooperations – this makes it easy and cheap to become an exchange students, or easier to visit when choosing an internship which can be supported by Erasmus+ or other programs sometimes.
See here for all possible options offered by Erasmus and overseas universities.

The following options are possible to be chosen as a freemover. Then as a student taking your credits into account is more difficult unfortunately, while internships at these institutions are creditable. Please be aware of high student fees in some countries, e.g. the United States when going as a freemover!

Aarhus University, Denmark

University of Limerick, Ireland

TU Wien, Austria

University of Michigan, Ann Harbor/USA

University of Washington, Seattle/USA

More good contact we have to Eindhoven/Netherlands, Oslo/Norway, Roskilde und Kopenhagen/Denmark, Irvine/USA, Oulu/Finland.

For further guidance on your stay abroad see here.

For detailed information about internships at foreign universities without Erasmus support please contact your Academic Advisor.