When arriving in Siegen: 

Welcome to Siegen

Get to know some of Siegen’s numerous coffee, eating out and night life locations:


The Town

Siegen is a city located around 75km east of Cologne, in the middle of the mountainous and forest-green Siegerland, where the Sieg river flows through. Siegen offers different clubs and bars for all tastes (from mainstream to dark music), as well as an active shared apartments community. Siegen is officially known as the greenest city in Germany, for what its surroundings offer good places for mountain biking, motorcycling and other activities. More information can be found on the city website.

Campus „Unteres Schloss“

The main part of the university is situated on the Haardter Berg hill, often referred to as “Uni Siegen Hill), just outside town. Nevertheless, our faculty is now located in the middle of the city, in the new „Unteres Schloss“ campus. That way student life is enriched by many bars, pubs and restaurants. The bus and train stations, as well, can be reached in less than ten minutes on foot.

Interesting Alternatives

An impressive “bottom-up” culture can be found in Siegen. There is, for example, an urban garden here as well as a Hackspace, an autonomous theatre group, a BarCamp and the FabLab too. There are also plenty of opportunities to meet interesting and creative people. HCI students are, as well, very active in different activities and present in various companies.

Living in Siegen

Due to its position among the hills, Siegen is a straggly, contorted city. Beware when searching for accommodation –  it is very easy to end up in the sticks with next to no public transport. The town centre and Weidenau have proven to be recommendable residential areas, as well as the outskirts of Geisweid, Kaan-Marienborn, Aachenbach etc. This map offers a good overview of the above mentioned areas, or see Google Maps for more detail. Experienced HCI students are more than pleased to help out regarding accommodation! 

Campus „Unteres Schloss“ (Photo: Pressestelle)

Campus „Unteres Schloss“ (Photo: Pressestelle)

Students in the Urban Garden (Photo: A. Shure)