So you’re an HCI Freshman? Welcome to this small but attractive Master‘s course of study! You’ll soon see that we all know each other personally here (and that includes the professors, too). All your questions will be dealt with quickly and directly – perhaps when you bump into someone in the hallway or over a coffee.

Freshmen FAQ

The examination regulations and the module handbook are the most important factors to consider when putting your timetable together. The examination regulations govern examination conditions and indicate which modules (courses) have to be completed successfully. The module handbook describes the content (learning aims, contents of the courses of study, bibliography etc.) and the formalities (semester cycle, type of examination, preconditions etc.) of the modules and part modules.

At first, it makes life easier to be guided by the order of study. Later on, you can find out which lectures take place and when by taking a look at the lecture timetable online in LSF (don’t forget to check in the top left hand corner if you have selected the correct semester). You can choose which of the courses to go to and – voilà! You have put your first timetable together! However, as your HCI-tutor will help you to put your timetable together in the course of the introductory week, there is absolutely no need for you to do so before the term begins.

When you first begin to study here, it will almost certainly happen that you can‘t register for certain courses in LSF (the online prospectus) because both the first and second registration deadlines have expired and the third registration period isn’t yet open. Don’t worry! For a mandatory HCI-course, just turn up on the first day and ask the tutor either to open the third registration phase, or to register you manually. For all other courses, you should send the tutor a short e-mail before the event just to check that your attendance is permissible. Please note – in these cases it is not necessary to register for courses before the introductory week.
ZIMT, our computer center, has put together an overview of all these things.
In addition to the usual registration procedures, various data protection regulations require you to show your Bachelor Certificate or Diploma to the Faculty III examinations office in order for you to be permitted to take examinations.
The most important thing to note is that when you register for a course in LSF, you are not automatically registered for the examination! Examinations take place separately at a later date in the semester (see the examination department’s web page for details). The tutors will tell you more about this when the course is running.
Die Uni hat mehrere Campus-Teile, die über die Stadt verteilt sind. Wir als HCI-ler haben den Großteil unserer Veranstaltungen am Campus Siegen Mitte sowie einige Veranstaltungen, die von anderen Fakultäten gehalten werden, am Adolf-Reichwein-Campus. Eine gute Übersicht findet ihr hier.

The university has a number of campuses scattered in and around the city. The majority of HCI courses take place on the campus in the center of town (Campus Unteres Schloss). Faculty I courses (supplementary media science modules) are generally held on the Adolf Reichwein Campus.  You can find a comprehensive overview here.