The Town

With just over 100 000 inhabitants, Siegen has just about attained the status of a small city (or a large town). Siegen is set idyllically among the dense woodlands and the rolling hills of the Siegerland. The river Sieg, which has its source nearby, flows through the centre of town and gave Siegen its name. Lying just 75 km east of Cologne, Siegen has a lot to offer – including: discos and pubs of all kinds (from mainstream to dark), an active room-sharing community and plenty of outdoor activities such as mountainbiking, motorbiking etc., to name but a few. Further details about Siegen and the surrounding area (which really is beautiful) can be found e.g. on the town’s website.

Campus “Unteres Schloss”

The main part of the university is situated on the Haardter Berg hill, (often referred to as “Uni Siegen Hill”), just outside town. However, at the beginning of the  2014/15 winter session, our department relocated. The department is now housed in the former hospital building in the old part of town. A whole new campus is being developed in this area, which will undoubtedly enrich student life thanks to the proximity of numerous pubs, bars and restaurants. As an added bonus, the train and bus interchange is within walking distance and can be reached in less than ten minutes. Siegen is becoming much more vital and interesting thanks to the new campus in combination with a number of construction projects concerned with town planning improvements (e.g. exposure of the river Sieg).

Interesting Alternatives

An impressive “bottom-up” culture can be found in Siegen. There is, for example, an urban garden here as well as a Hackspace, an autonomous theatre group, a BarCamp and the FabLab too. There are plenty of opportunities to meet interesting, creative people who are dedicated to what they do, and to get to know these people better. HCI students have their finger on the pulse of most projects and are active in most enterprises.

Living in Siegen

Thanks to its position among the hills, Siegen is a straggly, contorted city. Beware when searching for accommodation –  it is very easy to end up in the sticks with next to no public transport. The town centre and Weidenau have proven to be recommendable residential areas as have the outskirts of Geisweid, Kaan-Marienborn etc. This map is recommended for a schematic overview or see google Maps for more detail. Experienced HCI students are pleased to help out at all times in questions of accommodation! 

”Campus Campus “Unteres Schloss” (Foto: Pressestelle)

”Campus Campus “Unteres Schloss” (Foto: Pressestelle)

”<em>Students Students in the Urban Garden (Foto: A. Shure)